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At Atelier we support the amazing work that the charity Vital do in India to help the most vulnerable children. The lockdown in India is a particularly harrowing time for these children, please read Yvonne's personal message:

"With the onset of covid 19, the children VITAL supports need our help more than ever. They do not have the means to safeguard themselves against this pandemic.

The nationwide lockdown across India is having a devastating impact on the country's most vulnerable communities, many are the children VITAL supports. For all these children living on the streets and railway platforms, they cannot beg or work to buy food whilst VITAL's children living in the red light district will be pushed to child labour, child marriage, trafficking and substance abuse as the daily wage earner in their household loses their job.

Another alarming issue is the increased rate of child sexual abuse during this period which poses a grave threat to the children. Whilst we are all dealing with this crisis around the world, please spare any amount for the children. VITAL greatly appreciates your support. 100% of all donations will go straight to the children. "

Thank you. Stay safe and healthy. Please donate.

Vital provides education, health care and protective services to children in Kolkata, India.

Vital believes that if they act now, they can make a lasting and sustainable difference with immediate effect. Give a child a better life today through education, shelter and welfare to give them a brighter future tomorrow.

'We guarantee 100% of all donations goes straight to the children so that your donation can truly change a life.'


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