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Going Green!

Green is one of the big trends of 2018 for fabrics and interior design.

Sanderson fabric and wallpaper 2018

Tropical prints are here to stay after their rise in 2017, but this year tropical prints are a bit more real.

In 2017 tropical prints were bright, with shocks of colour through floral and most often tropical, light backgrounds. This year, we see a focus on prints with more natural backgrounds, with leaf prints in their true green tones.

Lots of house plants everywhere is also a huge continuing trend that sees no sign of wilting!

Colfax and Fowler 2018

So of course, with all these plant prints and actual plants going on, homes will be dominated by one colour this season…Houzz predicts that all shades from deep forest greens to mossy shades and emeralds will be used to decorate in all areas in spring/summer 2018.

Designers Guild 2018

* Fabrics in images from top are Sanderson, Colefax & Fowler and Designers Guild.

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