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VITAL work

At Atelier we are proud to support a charity called VITAL and we wanted to tell you about this amazing charity.

It is a small, dynamic charity that works with children living in poverty in India, providing education, healthcare and child protection.

Many of the children VITAL work with are street/slum children, former victims of trafficking or abuse, child labourers and children living in the red light areas of Kolkata.

VITAL was founded by our friend Yvonne Newman and here are some words from her about why she founded VITAL:

"When I first visited Kolkata in September 2006, my heart was captured by the street children.

Despite the hopelessness and the poverty which surrounded them there was so much warmth exuding from these innocent and friendly children.

Upon my return I had a strong feeling that I needed to do something, but like so many I had no idea what I could do. Understanding the magnitude and the scale of the problem we may feel paralysed but the reality of poverty, which takes away dignity, freedom, safety and love from countless children, can be changed.

The beauty of VITAL is that it creates an opportunity for everyone to translate that desire to 'do something' into an action. All we need is to look at the truth that whilst there are millions of street and slum children there are also millions of us who can help."

With VITAL 100% of all financial donations go straight to the projects.

You can check their financial accounts, how they choose their projects and much more on their

VITAL NEEDS YOU! Whether you are a big company looking to own a project or a shy volunteer looking to do some good, we can provide an interactive experience where you can really make a difference. As a small but smart charity, our founder is personally involved in the lives of our volunteers to ensure that they get the best experience possible whilst making a sustainable impact.

If you would like to donate or find out more about their projects please visit the VITAL website at

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